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  Are you interested in placing an announcement on The Samoyed Breeders Web Page?

         First of all, is the information on the "Disclosure" page true to your situation? 

If so, you are welcome to submit an announcement on the page.

The web page is set up to provide a place for "reputable" breeders to advertise their upcoming litters, puppies and adult dogs available and rescues. It also provides a "easy to reach" web site for people who are in search for a Samoyed puppy so they can find one from a "reputable" breeder rather than to default to a commercial business, backyard breeder and puppy mills; simply because they have puppies available.

Many of these commercial businesses, backyard breeders and puppy mills are unethical and immoral breeders. They have paid a professional to create a web site for them which gives them an advantage over the rest of us. If you have a personal web page, I would appreciate it if you could, make a link to  on your site to provide many access points for these potential Samoyed puppy seekers to find this page. You are welcome to use our banner below with an added hyperlink to the web page. Just right click on the picture banner, save the picture to your computer and then insert it into your links page with the hyperlink.

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What guidelines do I prefer to follow when listing an announcement?

I need some of the important specifics on the litter.  Has the breeding already taken place? Where I put the litter announcement on the page is important. "Puppies Available" are for puppies that are on the ground.  "Upcoming litters and Planned Breedings" are for breedings that have already taken place or for a breeding that is planned but haven't taken place as of yet. If you could take a moment and view the other announcements, you can see how I've tried to follow a similar format. I've been trying to keep the ads from being too overdone and not drown out another listing. That way everyone has a fair opportunity. Some people tend to brag a lot, so I try to edit the ad down to one line and yet keep the main information there. Just remember that there are people looking for pets only; plus, there are breeders actually going to the web site in search of other  available litters. This shows the variety of audiences visiting the web site.

How to put an announcement together!

I ask people to email a short  "camera ready" paragraph to me showing how they would like an announcement listed. If you do email us an announcement, please follow a similar format as the example further below. The easiest way to do this is to copy one of the other announcements you like, change the information to your data, then email it to me. I will then "copy", "paste", and "edit" the announcement from the original email message.  It is easier for me to have the announcement as ready as possible, making it less complicating to maintain this page. Also, PLEASE email me updates on your litter so I can keep the site fresh. 


Because of the huge amount of spam I receive from having a custom submit form on this page used for announcements, I have disabled the "Submit" button it until further notice.  Please email Clu Carradine to submit an announcement by using the basic example for formatting your announcement similar to the one below.  Also, all announcements will need to be approved. If you have a listing for an adult dog or rescue, contact me so we can make an special listing for you.

       Example of a basic upcoming litter announcement:

HOWDY SAMOYEDS is pleased to announce a very special litter due January 5, 2008.
Sire: Ch. Howdy What's His Name, "Kodiak" (OFA-SA_1634G24F-PI; CERF-SA543M24)
Dam: Ch. Howdy The Best Dam Ever, "Sam" (OFA-SA-6571E30F-PI; CERF-SA591F26)
These puppies should excel in breed type and movement, and will be ready for their new
homes at the end of March. For more information, contact John and Amy Doe at
(406) 555-5555 or email:      (Montana; 01/01/08)

       We look forward to hearing from you and all about your litter.  Thank you!

Complete this form for listing an announcement on this web site (disabled).
Type of listing needed?  
Have you listed an announcement with us before?  Yes No
Breeders Name
Your Kennel Name
State Litter Resides
Your Email Address   (please recheck address)
Web Address (if available)
The next six lines is not required for listing adult or rescue Samoyeds:
Date Litter Whelped  (or expected)   Age, if applicable
How many boys and girls? Boys Girls
Sire's Call Name and AKC Registered Name
Sire's Certifications
(Full OFA and current CERF numbers required! See Disclosure)
Dam's Call Name and AKC Registered Name
Dam's Certifications
(Full OFA and current CERF numbers required! See Disclosure)
Please include any additional information you would like to add:

Before submitting your announcement, please read and acknowledge our Disclosure for Samoyed breeders.


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