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Advertising on this site is intended for fellow Samoyed "friends and acquaintances" who are current members or sponsored by a current member of the Samoyed Club of America or the Samoyed Association of Canada and follow the S.C.A. Code of Ethics or a comparable Code of Ethics. Because these breeders adhere to a Code of Ethics, we can assume they are good responsible breeders. However, we will not be held accountable for any problems associated with our recommending them or their breeding program to potential puppy buyers. As well, we reserve the right to withhold or remove a listing if we choose to do so. This applies to "non-reputable" breeders who are found to have faulty breeding practices or list known litters in which either parent does not have proper clearances or under two years of age. We also reserve the right to withhold a listing for those breeders submitting more than two litters per fiscal year, except those who purchased an yearly advertisement on the "Samoyed Breeders Showcase". For pricing information, click on the "Breeders Showcase" page for details. 

When a breeder does not reply to our email correspondence for an update on an advertised litter, after one contact attempt, we reserve the right to remove the listing if it appears to be outdated.

If you have an Samoyed adult dog, rescue, puppies or upcoming litter that you'd like to list and feel that the above disclosure is true to your situation, check out the "Info for Breeders" page on submitting an announcement by clicking here. Since maintaining this page can be very time consuming, we would appreciate it if your announcements are emailed "camera ready"! It's your litter so you need to make sure all the pertinent information is there. If you're not that talented, you are welcome to use one of the other announcements on the page for a guideline or contact us for more assistance. Also, any links to this web site from your personal Samoyed pages would be appreciated. We provide listings on this page free-of-charge so we'd appreciate reciprocation by adding a link to in return. If there are any problems encountered with providing this web site, we retain the right to discontinue it. Thank you!


All Rights Reserved!!

Web site created in January 26, 1999 by Tina Grant of Mytee Samoyeds.  For information on advertising on this page, please read and acknowledge this "Disclosure", check out the information on the "Info for Breeders" tab, and then email Clu Carradine to submit your announcement. 

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